Photograph taken by Melissa Sung

Photograph taken by Melissa Sung

Mum always reminded you of your uniqueness in this world, and she's right. The same is absolutely true for the love between you and the love of your life. 

Everybody shows their affection in a different way - don't feel pressure to recreate other people's wedding photos that you've seen in magazines, or on Pinterest - that's not you. 

Tell me about the journey that has brought you both here today and let's collaborate to create something that reflects the real you in all its quirky, messy, happy glory. 

I live in the beautiful city of Toronto with my own quirky, messy, happy family. Behind the camera is where I feel most at home. In the last 8 years, I have photographed small intimate weddings to grand celebrations and no two have been alike. The best part of my job, and the one I am most grateful for, are the lessons of love I have learned from the incredible couples that have invited me into their lives.

I capture the magic that can only take place between you two. When you revisit these memories again and again, my hope is that you will be transported back to the day you made this promise of love.